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The mission of the Star Citizen Academy is to produce the finest Engineering, Science, Flight and Infantry Officers' humanity has to offer. We are also driven to bring knowledge to bear on humanities' greatest challenges. Our Innovation Initiative strengthens and evolves our community and partners to develop ideas into solutions.


One of these could be yours. Graduate with the best!

The Academy is organized into Schools (Engineering; Science; Medicine; Aviation; and Infantry). With choices from technical certifications to undergraduate and graduate classes.

Technical Certifications Department

TCD is for you if you don’t want to pursue a degree and need system certification or a refresher class. Or you are an Aviator that needs a type rating for a specific ship. The Technical Certifications Department will provide the information and training you need.

If you are interested in a degree program please choose one of the schools listed below.

School of Aviation

The school of aviation covers all aspects of flight-related operations. From basic to command pilot, flight crew and stations, combat controllers and flight operations officers.

School of Infantry

We take raw recruits and grind them through Space Marine Bootcamp. If they live through it, they have the opportunity to pursue further professional development all the way to Special Forces. . . . . Most don’t live that long.

School of Business

Economics in the universe is a complicated and vast subject. With cultures, languages and environments as different as grains of sand. The school of business gives you the tools to be successful.

School of Engineering

Engineering related courses from propulsion systems to ship repair and mechanical engineering. 

School of Geological Studies

Geological studies to master mining officer programs.

School of Industry and Logistics

If it has to do with moving, crushing, processing, refining or selling it, the school of industry and logistics is the leader in producing Logistics Officers that are ready to turn a profit.

School of Medicine

The School of Medicine begins at Combat Life Saver and progress through medical-officer, surgeon, and research master degrees. 

School of Science

Do you have an insatiable curiosity of the universe? The Science Officer program is robust, and our students have a variety of disciplines they may pursue. From advanced sensor systems, electronic warfare, astrophysics, and astronomy. Graduates of  The science officer programs are sought after additions to any crew.